A trace of emptiness beyond the border

If the utopias are arranged in circular and dialectical vortices, I choose to cross the threshold of living by entering the alcove, in the belly, in that area where you can perceive the breath of memory, time and history. Via Roma becomes the border area, the liminal, the inner eye that gives access to the inner space, intimate, dailylife. Shadows and cones of light become the outlines from which to redefine the borders of the threshold and the unknown that precede the explosion of Being. The self is fragmented in the other space, beyond the border, having to reconstruct its presence at the world, swinging between the rarefaction of those places that become wide, imagined and placing itself in an elsewhere made of nature, where the eye has no horizon but a sky in to hold the trace of the void. (2018)


Project carried out during the Circuito OFF of the Fotografia Europea Festival. Artist residence by Ghirba Biosteria della Gabella in collaboration with the Citizen's Committee Via Roma and Parco S. Maria, Reggio Emilia.

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