Marina Berardi, PhD, Postdoctoral Researcher, anthropologist and photographer. She was born in Grassano but lives 15 years in Rome where she graduated in Cultural Anthropology and post-graduated at the School of Specialization in Demo-ethno-anthropological Heritage at the University of Rome "La Sapienza".

In November 2016 she collaborated with the Italian-Iraqi Archaeological Mission of the University of Rome "La Sapienza" in Abu Tbeirah (southern Iraq) as a cultural anthropologist and photographer. Some shots of the "Dreaming Iraq" photographic work are published by National Geographic Italy.

She works as a visual anthropologist, specialist of the intangible and material heritage (Beni DEA), depopulation and material culture especially in Basilicata with attention to human conditions, life stories, ritual practices, migrant contexts. Photography comes into her life as a strong passion and as a medium with strong ethno-anthropological connotations.

In 2011 she began his photographic training in reportage at the WSP Collective with which she currently collaborates and she now teaching Anthropology applied to photography.

In 2018 she published an essay in the volume Raccontare, leggere e immaginare la città contemporanea, edited by Bertoni A. and Piccioni L. (Berardi M., 2018, Itinerari ermeneutici e note visive: per un'antropologia del giornale nel quartiere romano di Magliana , in Bertoni A., Piccioni l., (edited by) Raccontare, leggere e immaginare la città contemporanea, Florence, Leo S. Olschki).



- Winner of Nikon Talents 2013
- First prize Nikon Talents category: "Street and reportage";
- 2017. First prize Metropolis "Lavoro e cambiamento";
- 2019. Third prize  1801 Passaggi 2019 - MAVI  - Museo antropologico visivo Irpino;
2015 Honorable mention (Amateur) IPA International photography awards;
- 2014 Honorable mention (Amateur) IPA  International photography awards
2014 Px3 Gold Medal;
- 2014 Sony World Photography Awards: Commended in the People category in the Open Competition;
- 2013 Nomination Oasis photo contest;

Photos exhibitions and publications

- 2017 National Geographic Italia Photo Reportage Dreaming Iraq

- 2019 Photo exhibition at MAVI (Museo antropologico visivo Irpino), Lacedonia, Italy.

- 2018 Artist in Residence at Reggio Emilia - Circuito OFF Fotografia Europea, Una traccia di vuoto oltre il confine;

- 2018 Photo exhibition at Museo Ridola, Matera;

- 2017 Artist in Residence at Matera: Fondazione Sassi "Luoghi per sottrazione"  | Inner Places

- 2017 Photo exhibition at Oriolo Calabro | Oriolo cult Festival "ArboReal. The Maypole rite"

- 2015 Erodoto 108, n.13 Photo Reportage Semu tutti devoti tutti?;

2015 Photo exhibition of Inner places project at University of Rome La Sapienza;

2015 Gamescom Card from Cologne;

- 2015 Book. Erodoto 108, Casalta Editions, Tricarico, Prometeo e Carnevale;

2015 Erodoto 108, n. 10 Photo Reportage Tricarico, Prometeo e Carnevale;

2015 Erodoto 108, n. 10 Agata, Una volta in ogni mille mai;

2014 Photo exhbition at Wsp Photography;


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