The Polar Bear is not a star

The Polar Bear is not a star because while we were looking at the sky no other bear appeared except for the Ursa Minor (Smaller Bear) and Ursa Major (Larger Bear ).
Grassano (Italy). In 1993 ‘Casa Alloggio’ (Accomodation House) was built, a rehabilitation and psychotherapeutic center for the volunteer treatment of people with psychopathological disorders which cannot be treated at home. It comes after the Psychiatric Reform Act of 1978 known as Basaglia or Law 180. ‘Casa Alloggio’ hosts nine people whose experiences become a way to tell how mental illness is a dramatic condition which requires devices and integration and welcome practices. Irony is one of the powerful symbolic mediators which made everyone’s experience by the ‘house’ the plot of a meeting that can only be returned through their stories, fragments of life stories.
“January 1973. They did me 5 electroshocks. January 1974. They did me 3 electroshocks. I asked them to stop and they did. From the laboratory I found myself in the bed. I had no thoughts when I woke up. At that time the living dead weren’t there.”
Therapy, flute, sing, talk, pray.  Everything often happens simultaneously.
The clinical histories do not matter when you live among men. Unci tunci tinci meninges cali calingi ov cat get.
Today they are men.