Waiting for Santa Rosa

Santa Rosa, Viterbo -  Big shoulder- borne processional structures – We are at the backbone of the italian peninsula. Santa Rosa is a complex mosaic of votive events. Santa Rosa lived from 1233 to 1251. Historical sources tell us that the cult of Santa Rosa began immediately after her dead. The 4th of September is the day when we celebrate her feast. The big shoulder-borne, carried by porters, represents the body of the Saint. There are two main activities: the transport of the big shoulder-borne performed by the Porters and the transport of the mini-shoulder-borne performed by the Mini-porters. The transport of the big shoulder-borne takes place on September 3 in the evening and one hundred Porters are involved. According to a precise pattern they will find their place under the big shoulder-borne that is an obelisk about 30 metres tall which weighs about 4 tonnes. They parade through the town streets illuminating them. Is the night of the seasons, autumn is coming.

In 2005 the feast was proposed to be classed as a Unesco Intangible Cultural Heritage together with Saint Ubaldo Day and “Gigli di Nola” but it will be accepted in 2013 becoming part of the italian shoulder-borne machines network.

Santa Rosa keeps us waiting for hours, she appears slowly, illuminating.

September 2016