Prometheus and Carnival

Italy, Tricarico (Matera)

Prometheus gave us wings of fire to contain the darkness and to sweeten the disorder. From the storm of the divinities’s  challenges, Prometheus wanted to create harmony for human beings. On the earth  the trace of fire the wind  left a mark that soothes dreads and fears.

S. Anthony, mad and hermit, wanted to challenge the flames of hell relieving from their pains those who met him

Carnival is here transhumance, transhumance of humans who interpret the seasons, the cyclic seasons of  life and earth. A herd of ox-men, with bells hanging on their necks, cut  through the suspended time of carnival to celebrate the alternation of life and death, to celebrate the return of a new time.

In  Carlo Levi’s words  in occasion of Tricarico’s carnival  we find the myth, the sacred and the man. “Late at night, the town was awaken by  an archaic sound: beats on hollow  wooden instruments, like cracked bells, the sound of a primitive forest, which came into the bowels as an infinitely remote call; and both, men and animals, climbed  the mountain up to the chapel on the top. San. Anthony, this Prometheus farmer, the inventor of fire, taming of animals and cultures,  was the ancient divinity of the rural world, the creator of its own origins that established himself  on the tops, where the towns are guarded , in Christian churches that had then become his  its sacred fences. ”

2014 – 2019