Oikos is a sound, is home, is ecology. In the summer of 2013 I visited the Omo Valley in South East Ethiopia. In this area several ethnic groups live organized tribally. The main livelihood are pastoralism, harvesting and hunting which influence greatly the different cultural practices and rituals. During the trip I had the opportunity to attend a ceremony that represents a rite of passage between the puberty and the adulthood. It is a moment when two people get married. Some women, to prove that they can withstand the rigors of the new time, accept to be flogged, being scarified, and the betrothed, propitiating the future and without falling, will have to jump over the bulls. The ceremony is called Bull Jumping. The construction of a dam threatens to delete this delicate ecosystem based on the big equilibrium between man, culture and nature, and many villages risk to disappear forever.

These are travel notes, of the particular vision that was Ethiopia for me. Oikos is a singsong glimpse into an horizon apparently ordered, a horizon that belongs to the complex vision of an intense participation to life.