Inner Places

Inner Places is a project set in a suburb of Rome: “La Magliana”. It is a part of an anthropological research. Inner Places is a project about the transformation, it is an observatory of changes in the city, the suburbs, the suburbs inside and outside us, it is a new vision of the concept of suburbs and cities, of the concept of proximity and distance. Magliana is a prism and offers us its many faces, its new children, its new stories as it is also a place of reception of a diaspora that sees people forced to leave their world of belonging to try a new history of the Self in the world of arrival. The migrations are also worlds of imagination and desire. Generations that meet each other, roads that we live. La Magliana is the symbol of the suburbs, public housing and occupations, it was born in the 60s and built illegally under the bank of the Tiber River, a threatening river and therefore often hidden from sight. Places are opportunities to carve out an interpretative space of the whole city, and help us to provide interpretative frames to experiences made of trading relationships, exclusions and redefinition of the Self, but being lived places, they also become able to tell the changes that affect not only the life of the neighborhood but, by extension, of the whole city, a nearby town. We reclaim the circularity that generates other circularity, both the center and the periphery don’t exist anymore, only the flow exists. Here we celebrate the time suspended, the space suspended. The photography helps us to decipher the space, movements and life stories through the light. The Magliana’s area becomes as a metaphor, it becomes as an expression of the vision of the paths taken through the streets of the city. We are the Places.